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  • At LANstar, LLC we maintain all of our expertise in-house so you aren’t partnering with a front-end sales organization that is going to “sub-out” the work or a one-person shop that is trying to be an expert at everything.
  • We have engineers that are specialists in what they do, they are easy to reach, and since we aren’t tied to any particular software or hardware platform, our only motivation is to do what is right for your specific situation.
  • Whether it is your computers, your phones, voice/data cabling, surveillance systems, audio/video equipment, or even Internet access, if it has to do with your office’s communication, we can help.


Founded in 1999, LANstar, LLC has provided IT and phone system support to small and medium businesses throughout the Valley for over 15 years. During that time, LANstar, LLC has grown from just a 3 person company serving primarily the Scottsdale medical community to a 14 person operation providing support to a wide range of businesses all over Arizona and beyond.  LANstar, LLC currently has 10 technicians and network engineers on staff.


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LANstar, LLC has performed services on a wide variety of companies including small offices, medical practices and large industrial projects. We provide our clients with the right equipment, technicians and knowledge to exceed expectations and deliver on projects.

LANstar, LLC have partnered with numerous industry leading manufacturers to develop personalized data and communication solutions for each of our clients. These partners include Microsoft, Dell, HP, Avaya, SonicWALL, Barrauda and GoDaddy. We do not have an incentive to recommend a particular product as we provide each of our clients with a custom solution to fit their business needs.


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