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  • Managed IT Services

  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Virus Protection / Removal

  • Email / Spam Filtering

  • WiFi Security and Performance

  • Smartphone / Tablet Setup and Configuration

  • Server / Virtual Machine Management

  • Cloud Servers

  • EMR / EHR Support

  • High-speed Internet

  • Hardware / Software Sales

LANstar Managed Services

LANstar Managed Services provides a comprehensive maintenance and support solution for all devices connected to your network including servers, workstations, laptops, routers, switches, printers, scanners, wireless access points, and even tablets and handheld devices. FEATURES

  • Real-time monitoring of all the devices on your network
  • Remote access to all computers on the network–even if it is out of the office
  • Auto-maintenance tasks such as disk clean up and anti-virus updates
  • Built-in helpdesk functionality and trouble ticket management
  • Custom scripts and images for setting up new computers and installing application
  • Hardware / Software inventory and license tracking


  • Minimize downtime by fixing problems BEFORE they happen
  • Faster network support via always-available remote access
  • Ease in reporting, tracking, and managing service request
  • Assure software legal compliance
  • Improve budget planning for future hardware purchases
  • Reduce time and expense of deploying new systems


Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

LANstar offers off-site, on-site, and combination backup and disaster recover options. OFFSITE ONLY

  • Backs up only essential data on servers or workstations
  • Backup cost contingent upon amount of data
  • Recovery time longer than ONSITE backup but monthly cost is lower
  • Backup can be limited by Internet speed
  • Provided through AVG CloudCare Backup


  • Provides complete image of local data for fast recovery
  • Monthly cost higher than OFFSITE but lower than combination
  • Backup cost not contingent upon amount of data
  • Does not protect against theft, fire, or flood
  • Provided through StorageCraft Backup

OFFSITE & ONSITE (Combination)

  • Provides comprehensive image of data both locally and remotely
  • Maximum protection against not only hardware failure but also theft, fire, and flood
  • Provided through StorageCraft Backup and Datto


 Virus Protection and Removal

LANstar provides real-time anti-virus protection to all your workstations, laptops, and servers.  Anti-virus protection includes:

  • Real-time virus monitoring
  • Notification of suspected viruses
  • Automatic virus definition updates or notification of update failures
  • Provided through AVG CloudCare Anti-virus


Email / Spam Filtering

Whether your business has only a couple of email addresses or an on-site email server, LANstar can help make sure that your email is always available to you from whatever device you choose.

  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone access
  • Hosted on-site or offsite
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Adjustable spam threshold control and daily spam report
  • Provided through AppRiver and/or Microsoft 365


Wifi Security and Performance

Wireless networks are almost a requirement on any business today.  In fact, many locations have not just one wireless network for the business but sometimes several–and also one for customers.  LANstar can help make sure that your wireless networks are fast, secure, and reliable.

  • Single or meshed WiFi network support
  • Security/penetration testing
  • Speed and coverage check
  • Guest/customer WiFi network setup
  • HIPAA compliance verification


SmartPhones / Tablets

iPads, iPhones, and Android smartphones have become an integral part of any business.  And it is no longer just a device to check email but a device that needs to have remote access, printing, and document management capabilities.  LANstar can help make sure that your mobile device will function to its fullest potential.


Servers / Virtual Machines

Whether you need to add a server for your EMR system, or upgrade a server that is end-of-life, LANstar can help with almost any server need.

  • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Hyper-V and VMWare
  • Domain Controllers / Exchange Server
  • Terminal Server / Citrix


Cloud-based servers

If you need a server for a particular application but don’t want the expense or hassle of buying it and setting it up, LANstar offers leased, cloud-based servers.  Users can access the servers from anywhere, 24-hours using a computer, tablet, or handheld device.  Perfect for QuickBooks or other financial software that demands security yet easy access by multiple users.


EMR/EHR support

LANstar’s has been helping medical practices setup, manage, and operate EMR/EHR system for nearly 15 years.  Our engineers understand some of the challenges faced by medical practices and the EMR systems including HIPAA compliance, 24-hour reliability, ease of use for providers, and even patient access to information.  We work with several EMRs including:

  • gMed / gGastro
  • Centricity
  • eMDs / Athena
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Practice Partner
  • AllScripts


High-Speed Internet

We can help make sure that your Internet connection is functioning at the expected speed and also verify that you are getting the best deal available.




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